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MN and GA Grown

Proudly Locally Grown

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Minnesota Grown

For more than 35 years, Minnesota Grown has been a trusted resource for consumers looking to buy local. Since 2016, Fresha is proud to be one of more than 1,200 members statewide.

The Benefits

Trusted Brand Recognition

Customers recognize the Minnesota Grown logo as a sign that they are supporting local farms for over 35 years! Membership gives you the license to use the Minnesota Grown logo to promote your products as local.

Reach New Customers

On average, over 350,000 unique visitors visit the Minnesota Grown Direct-to-Consumer Directory helps you connect with distributors, restaurants, schools and other wholesale buyers!

Free Marketing and Promotional Materials

Minnesota Grown branded materials such as a price cards, stickers, rubber bands, twist ties, and more are available to members at no cost.

Get Help with the Cost of Labels and Signage

If you add the Minnesota Grown logo to your product labels, packaging, or signs, our Cost Share Program can help cover 50% of the cost, up to $300 per fiscal year.

Promoting You is Our Mission

Benefit from statewide advertising campaigns for local products directing consumers to find farms, markets, and businesses near them using the Minnesota Grown directory. Large scale TV and online marketing campaigns highlight buying local throughout the year, and press releases are issues to earn media coverage on local products.

Georgia Grown logo

Georgia Grown

A division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Grown helps grown local agribusinesses. From companies that support hundreds of local families to small mom-and-pop farms, Georgia Grown help foster the ever-growing community of agricultural producers, manufacturers, and retailers. Fresha's new Georgia facility has been a member since 2021.

The Benefits

Support Local Businesses

Together, we help build our communities and their economies — providing income to thousands of residents.

Bring Georgians Together

We're known for our Southern hospitality, the warm welcome provided to travelers and tourists. Same goes for our neighbors.

Protect the Environment

We promote responsibility and sustainability, not just through words but through our actions.

Taste the Difference

We offer the perfect soil and climate to grow a variety of produce. Through member collaborations, it gets even better.